The Canary Islands, one of the European Union’s outermost regions, have been called Europe’s sunshine capital, and are best known for their mild year-round temperatures and natural setting. Surprisingly, each island’s landscape is radically different due to the islands’ great biological diversity and rich scenery and geology. The seven islands have been declared a Biosphere Reserve, including Natural Reserves and National Parks.

The main attractions are beaches, volcanic landscapes, the climate, cuisine and Carnival. In addition, the Canaries offer a wide variety of cultural and musical attractions: classical music, opera and Zarzuela, theatre, dance, jazz, music from Africa and the Americas, cinema and video to be enjoyed nearly every month of the year as part of international festivals.

The cities of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on the island of Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife on the island of Tenerife are the capitals of the autonomous community of the Canary Islands, and boast the highest populations. These two cosmopolitan cities are the island chain’s economic, political and social hub, where a mixture of cultures keeps local traditions alive.




Webcam in streaming. Tenerife

Playa de Las Vistas. Sur de Tenerife

La Laguna. Norte de Tenerife