The Conservatorio Superior de Música de Canarias, with two locations (Gran Canaria and Tenerife), is an institution recognised by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme, and has been actively involved in the Erasmus exchange programmes since 2009. The Conservatorio was awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education for the years 2014-2020. Recently, our institution has received the new Erasmus charter drafted for the 2021-27 program, which will give a new vision of the program Erasmus + and our internationalization policy by introducing several novelties such as a greater emphasis on the support of participants from all socio-economic contexts, the digitization and automation of all processes, the implementation of environmental protection initiatives, the promotion of social commitment and active citizenship of the participants before, during and after their mobility and, finally, the integration of the principles of non-discrimination, transparency and equity.
The Conservatorio, given our location far removed from the mainland on an island chain belonging to the European Union’s outermost regions, is deeply committed to international relations as a strategy for cultural exchange and global outreach, fostering the mobility of students and of teaching and non-teaching staff. Presently it cooperates with more than 75 European higher education centres.



Conservatorio Superior de Música de Canarias

Erasmus code: E LAS-PAL18

Institutional email: erasmus@csmc.es


Gran Canaria


Erasmus+ coordinator
in Gran Canaria 

Prof. José María Curbelo González
E-mail: erasmus.gc@csmc.es

T +34 928 478 571  
CSMC (location Gran Canaria)

Calle Maninidra, 1
35002 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria




Erasmus+ coordinator
in Tenerife

Prof. Roberto Pia
E-mail: csmc.tf@csmc.es

Tel. +34 922 660 600
CSMC (location Tenerife)

Calle Pedro Suárez Hernández, 2 
38009 Santa Cruz de Tenerife