Project 2015-1-ES01-KA103-013937

This project lasted 24 months, starting on June 1, 2015, and ending on May 31, 2017, with a total budget of € 66,910. It is framed within the key action KA1 (Learning mobility of Individuals), in the type of action KA103 (Higher Education student and staff mobility).

The impact of the project on the CSMC has been very remarkable, increasing the requested budget by nearly € 30,000 more than the previous project to carry out a higher number of mobility requests from the participants. Although the initial funding was € 60,825, a request for an economic extension was necessary through two intermediate reports, as well as an extension of the project duration. Both requests were approved by the Spanish national agency SEPIE.

Participants have appreciated the expansion of inter-institutional agreements with European centres. They have learned to adapt to new situations, cooperate with people from other cultures, make decisions, think and analyze information in a more critical way and have more confidence in their abilities. The teachers mainly highlight that they have acquired a series of specific skills for the performance of their teaching work, have improved their knowledge of the language, they are more professionally motivated and have enhanced their professional network. Likewise, the increase in outgoing teaching mobilities has provided a greater exchange  that benefits the internationalization of the centre, promoting "internationalization at home".

The number of outgoing mobility of students and teachers has been significantly higher than in the previous project. The great flow of mobility between the CSMC and Italy stands out, where a large number of bilateral agreements and an adequate educational connection have been created.

Regarding inter-institutional agreements, a total of 50 contracts have been signed with European Higher Education centres with an ECHE charter, adding new countries such as Portugal, Croatia and Slovenia.

The number of incoming mobilities has increased sufficiently to provide the CSMC with a notable increase in its internationalization. The analysis of this mobilities flow shows mobilities to/from 9 different countries of the EU, being Italy the leading country.

The qualitative assessment carried out by the Spanish National Agency SEPIE through a detailed final report of the project at CSMC, gives a total score of 78 points out of 100, describing the centre as an institution with a high degree of commitment to international relations as a strategy for cultural exchange and international projection. Improvements in administrative procedures are suggested due to the importance of the institution project, not only at educational level but also at the linguistic, personal and institutional level.

The charts below illustrate the results from the quantitative point of view of the project, with various charts showing the number of mobilities by activity and by countries, both incoming and outgoing, the flow of mobilities by countries to and from the CSMC and the budget granted for the project divided by items.

In attachment the publication of the final financial budget of the project can be found described in detail. It is divided into budget items depending on the activity.