Project 2018-1-ES01-KA103-048202

This project lasted 24 months, starting on June 1, 2018, and ending on May 31, 2020, with a total budget of € 77,806. It is framed within the key action KA1 (Learning mobility of Individuals), in the type of action KA103 (Higher Education student and staff mobility).

Regarding the budget, this project has obtained similar funding to the previous project, being one of the highest financial endowments received from the EU for the Erasmus + project at the CSMC.

The project included a total of 26 mobilities, distributed in 13 mobilities of students for studies, 8 for teaching staff and 5 for training staff. Besides, the institution hosted incoming students and staff. Out of the 13 mobilities for studies, 11 were financed by European funds, while two mobilities were carried out with a zero grant. This shows an execution rate of 102.4%, which shows a successful project.

According to the information taken out of the participants' surveys, there has been a high degree of satisfaction with the general experience of incoming and outgoing staff and students. In this regard, the participants who have carried out the mobility indicate that there has been an improvement in their professional and personal capacities. In the case of students, most of the elements have been indicated by more than 70% of the participants. Regarding the staff, 100% of the majority of the items have been marked, which is another success of the project

The project has had a very positive impact on the beneficiaries, allowing the student to have an international experience that has improved their skills in many aspects. Likewise, the visibility of the institution itself has been improved and the network of contacts with new prestigious institutions in other areas of Europe have been increased, helping to strengthen the capacity for international cooperation.

Regarding inter-institutional agreements, during this project the network of agreements has been broadened with new countries such as Finland and Hungary, enriching the network in existing countries. Currently, we have reached 83 inter-institutional agreements (9 new institution have been added) with European higher education institutions with ECHE.

The number of incoming mobilities has been similar to outgoing mobilities, providing the CSMC with a notable increase in their international environment.

The qualitative assessment carried out by the Spanish National Agency SEPIE through a detailed final report of the project at CSMC, gives a very favourable final score of 95 out of 100, indicates that in terms of the quality of implementation of the project and its impact and dissemination:

"The beneficiary institution (CSMC) has carried out an adequate management of the mobility project, ensuring correct preparation of the different phases before, during and after the mobilities, having increased the number of collaboration agreements, which helps to increase the international dimension of the institution.
Overall satisfaction and impact on outgoing participants and incoming staff has been high, contributing to a better view of the program.
The impact and dissemination are appropriate to the size and objectives set by the institution. Although it is proposed as an improvement to increase the impact outside the institution in the productive and cultural sector, both locally and regionally.
One aspect that reflects the success of the project is the execution of 100% of the budget, and that 2 more mobilities have been carried out than those foreseen in the agreement through the zero grants. "

The charts below illustrate the results from the quantitative point of view of the project, with various charts showing the number of mobilities by activity and by countries, both incoming and outgoing, the flow of mobilities by countries to and from the CSMC and the budget granted for the project divided by items.

In attachment the publication of the final financial budget of the project can be found described in detail. It is divided into budget items depending on the activity.